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Oral vitamins can only go so far, and they usually take a while to get into your system. If you want instant relief and results, injectables are the way to go. Ellsworth IV Infusion & Wellness offers professional vitamin injections at our clinic in Ellsworth & Bangor, ME. Whether you want vitamin B12 injection therapy or biotin injection therapy, we have just what you need.

When you book an appointment for a professional vitamin injection, our team will:

  • Go over your different health and skin issues
  • Discuss your goals
  • Present you with different products

From B12 shots to Zofran, we have all kinds of options to choose from. You can schedule your vitamin B12 injection therapy appointment a day in advance by calling 207-945-1510 now.

NAD+ - SubQ Injection

he potential benefits of NAD+ treatment is numerous and varied. Some of the most commonly reported benefits include: Increased Energy and Stamina, Improved Brain Function and Mental Clarity, Anti-Aging Effects, Improved Immune Function, Addiction Recovery, Weight Loss and Metabolism & Anxiety and Depression. NAD + is involved in the synthesis of various neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, which play key roles in mood regulation. By supporting neurotransmitter balance, NAD IV therapy may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.
$50 Per Injection (Can get up to 3X a week take home SubQ Injections)

Alpha Lipoic Acid - IM Injection

Powerful antioxidant to aid in weight loss, treating neuropathy, reducing inflammation, improve skin quality and slow the progression of memory loss. (Do not recommend for uncontrolled diabetics)

Lipo/MIC - IM Injection

Lipo shots are a mixture of compounds and B12 that stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism, elevate the movement of and utilization of fat, and provide the needed metabolic environment of the body for a fatty acid (fat) mobilization and utilization.

Glutamine - IM Injection

Amino acid that fuels the body's healing processes to reduce healing times for wounds and burns, may improve symptoms of IBS and ulcers and could help with Reye's syndrome, epilepsy, anxiety, depression and addiction.

Glutathione - SubQ Injection

Supplementally, glutathine can be used to aid in treatment & Prevention of many different diseases to includes glaucoma, aging, alcoholism, heart, liver and lung diseases, alzheimers, parkinsons & osteoarthritis.

B-Complex - IM/SubQ Injection

Essential for vision, digestion, hormone regulation, metabolic function, cardiovascular health & more.

B-12 - IM/SubQ Injection

Improve energy, decrease fatigue, improve focus & increase metabolism.

Biotin - IM Injection

Improves hair, skin, nail health and increases metabolism

Taurine - IM Injection

Increases energy & supports the brain, eyes, heart & muscles, repairs aging effects, Nerve growth/repair, can lower blood pressure and improve symptoms of CHF.

Dexamethasone - IM Injection

Corticosteroid that treats inflammation related pain, allergic reactions & is really great for sciatica flareups. (Not recommended for uncontrolled diabetics, current infections, or herpes outbreak.

L-Arginine - IM Injection

Used for wound healing, improved glucose tolerance, can increase Growth Hormone levels, vasodilator & performance enhancer. (Contraindicated in those with low blood pressure and current use of nitrates such as Viagra)

Zofran - IM Injection

Prevent/Treat Nausea.

Benadryl - IM Injection

Inflammation control, allergic reactions & Seasonal allergies. (Contraindicated with Glaucoma, high blood pressure & Intraocular pressure)

Toradol - IM Injection

NSAID for Pain & Inflammation control. (Contraindicated with existing heart disease, ulcers & anticoagulant use)

Vitamin D3 - IM Injection

Vitamin D Deficiency, Anti-aging & improve bone health.